Heat Exchangers

We offer complete manufacturing services for small or large production requirements. 

Complete Heat Transfer Solutions 

  • Technical assistance and guidance
  • Broadest product offering from which to select
  • Rugged, durable low maintenance steel, micro-port all-aluminum and copper aluminum products manufactured in USA.
  • Solutions for all refrigerants including the newest CO2 and propane 


  • Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Gas Cooling units
  • Air Conditioning Condenser and Evaporator coils
  • Transport Refrigeration
  • Greenhouse Dehumidifiers
  • Aquaculture and Fish Coolers
  • Freezers, Coolers, Vending Machine coils
  • Heavy Duty Engine Cooling
  • Stationary Machine Cooling

Testing and Validation

  • CO2 and R134a Calorimeter testing offered from our USA Headquarters
  • Life Cycle and Burst testing capabilities in USA.

Large Process Heat Transfer Machining

Whether it is polishing, drilling, reaming, grooving, or de-burring, we have the expertise and years of experience to suit all of your needs.  

Precision Tube Sheet Machining

Tube Sheet Drilling is the proper drilling of holes in tube sheets, complying with predetermined hole configurations to suit device requirements. In other words, correct tube sheet drilling is accurately calculated so that the tubes that tube sheets will support can operate as specified. Tube sheet drilling is an important aspect of tube sheet fabrication because getting the holes wrong can mean improper heat circulation.

our capabilities

At BMC Global, all tube sheets are programmed and drilled with CNC machining equipment for precision hole layout. This is a recent project and example of a 13′ diameter tube sheet being drilled by our Intimidator 14′ x 21′ drill.

Furthermore, we offer the following:

  • Dryer Plate Machining
  • Tube sheet CNC reaming
  • Pharmaceutical Tube Sheet drilling
  • Replacement Tube Sheets