Heat Exchangers

We offer complete manufacturing services for small or large production requirements. 

Complete Heat Transfer Solutions 

  • Technical assistance and guidance
  • Broadest product offering from which to select
  • Rugged, durable low maintenance steel, micro-port all-aluminum and copper aluminum products manufactured in USA.
  • Solutions for all refrigerants including the newest CO2 and propane 


  • Liquid-Liquid, Liquid-Gas Cooling units
  • Air Conditioning Condenser and Evaporator coils
  • Transport Refrigeration
  • Greenhouse Dehumidifiers
  • Aquaculture and Fish Coolers
  • Freezers, Coolers, Vending Machine coils
  • Heavy Duty Engine Cooling
  • Stationary Machine Cooling

Testing and Validation

  • CO2 and R134a Calorimeter testing offered from our USA Headquarters
  • Life Cycle and Burst testing capabilities in USA.