a leader in brazing

With over 40 years of experience in hydrogen atmosphere copper brazing, we have the brazing capability to meet almost any application. We possess size capabilities up to: 60” x 48” x 14” and clearances to .008”. BMC Global is fully equipped to be your solutions provider to all of your copper brazing needs.

Custom Laser Cutting

contract laser cutting to suit almost any application

BMC Global has the capabilities to provide the right solution to your laser cutting needs. We have the ability to cut Mild Steel, Plastic, Wood, Gasket material, Rubber and Lexan from .010” to .500” thickness.

It is our mission to provide the highest quality of laser processing to our customers.

Sheet Metal Fabrication

a wide range of possibilities for all your sheet metal needs

From parts punched on our 33 Ton turret press to being bent on one of our many brake presses (185 ton capability), there’s little we can’t do. Our certified welders add to superior fabrication quality. Premium e-coat, powder coat and anodized options are available upon request.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Wind Tunnel performance testing for various product applications

With over 50 years of wind tunnel testing capabilities, BMC Global is a leader when it comes to understanding heat exchanger performance testing. 


Oil Cooler Calorimeter Testing
Condenser Calorimeter Testing
Oil Side Specification

  • Flow 7 - 100 LPM (1.85 - 26.42 GPM)*
  • Temperature 65 - 120C (149 - 248F)*
  • Size 610 x 610mm (24 x 24 inches)*
  • Fluid Mobil ATF Type F

Air Side Specification

  • Face Velocity 1 - 14 m/s (197 - 2756 FPM)*
  • Temperature 30 - 46C (86 - 115F)*